LISTEN: “Two Seagulls” from Niamh Regan’s new album “Hemet”

The Irish indie folk songstress Niamh Regan, hailing from the West Coast of Ireland, has been making a name for herself on the Irish folk ...

WATCH: Irish folk singer Emma Langford releases new single “Birdsong” ...

“Birdsong is a celebration of who we know we are deep down in the marrow of our bones, no matter what society tells us. You ...

Weekly Mix #22

Featuring Nina Ricci, Laura Marling, Roseanne Reid, Mary Gauthier, Della Mae and many others!
Album Feature

ALBUM FEATURE: Darren Black – Playing with the Truth

Darren Black is a Welsh born singer-songwriter based in Hampshire, UK. Though he may have flown under the radar through the years, Black is a ...

Weekly Mix #21

Featuring Cinder Well, Kate Weekes, Lauren Mann, Mide Houlihan, Annie Dressner, Courtney Marie Andrews, Ian Gill, Cidny Bullens and many others!

Weekly Mix #20

Featuring Elena B Williams, Dirk Powell, Ian Roland & The Subtown Set, Katy Rose Bennet, Talena Bricker, Heidi Newfield, Tara Dente, Ayla Brook & The ...

Weekly Mix #19

Featuring Summerisle, John McSherry, Great Peacock, Jacko Hooper, Katy Rose Bennett, Dana Cooper, Anya Hinkle, Scott Cook and many others!

Weekly Mix #18

Featuring Aaron Burdett, Theresa Lucia, Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards, Endless Highway, The Hello Darlins, Geoff Gibbons and many others!

Weekly Mix #17

Featuring Virginia Kettle And The Dreamkeepers, Ranagri, John Doyle, Joshua Burnside, Roly Witherow, Carley Arrowood and many others!

Weekly Mix #16

Featuring Benjamin Adair Murphy, Lynn Jackson, Shemekia Copeland, Steven Bruce, Natalie Jean, Adrian Sutherland and many others!