RELEASE RADAR: Merry Hell releases new single "Emergency Lullaby"

"Emergency Lullaby" is the third single in Merry Hell's Hourglass Trilogy, a series of digital singles depicting the harsh reality of climate change with a sprinkle of optimism and hope. Unlike the two previous singles, "Emergency Lullaby" has a much softer and sombre sound. The minimal piano composition puts their message in the forefront, making this single the most hard hitting of the trilogy.

"The water is rising,
The Arctic's ablaze,
The Amazon's burning
But I spend my days
Feeding flood and fire in so many ways
Sitting here wasting my time."

From the band:

"Emergency Lullaby, like the other 2 tracks in the trilogy, expresses our concerns about the damage that has been done to our planet through pollution and climate change, along with our hopes for a more positive future for our children, grandchildren and the planet we share and will leave behind.  It has also provided the title for the next full Merry Hell album that will be called 'Emergency Lullabies' and is currently nearing completion.  The single meanwhile is available in digital form to stream or download from all the major platforms."

Released June 29

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