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Weekly Mix #11


Track 1: "Love Release Me"

Abby Brown

 Artist: Abby Brown
 Album: Heart On Fire
 Country: USA

Track 2: "Scapa Flow 1919"

Kris Drever

 Artist: Kris Drever
 Album: Scapa Flow 1919 (Single)
 Country: Scotland (Orkney)

Track 3: "Rise Above It All"

Jane Willow

 Artist: Jane Willow
 Album: Rise Above It All (Single)
 Country: Ireland

Track 4: "Maline"

Michael Braunfeld

 Artist: Michael Braunfeld
 Album: Driver
 Country: USA

Track 5: "Stay The Course"

Same Latitude As Rome

 Artist: Same Latitude As Rome
 Album: Stay The Course
 Country: Canada (Ontario)

Track 6: "King And Marie"

The Iveys

 Artist: The Iveys
 Album: Colors of Honey (EP)
 Country: USA

Track 7: "Down at the Mill"

Todd Burge

 Artist: Todd Burge
 Album: Your Reflection Will Kill You
 Country: USA

Track 8: "The opening shot is of a flat cold grey expanse of water with the dawn coming up"

Aidan O' Rourke

 Artist: Aidan O' Rourke
 Album: 365 Vol 2
 Country: Scotland (Argyll)

Track 9: "Jeremiah"

Gareth McLaughlin

 Artist: Gareth McLaughlin
 Album: Into The Ether
 Country: Northern Ireland

Track 10: "Meadowlark"

Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton

 Artist: Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton
 Album: Been On Your Side
 Country: USA

Track 11: "Teach Me Humility"

Lucas Choi Zimbel

 Artist: Lucas Choi Zimbel
 Album: Tempered Tantrum
 Country: Canada (Quebec)

Track 12: "Last Breath Of Summer"

Frank Birtwistle

 Artist: Frank Birtwistle
 Album: Volume One
 Country: England (Sheffield)

Track 13: "Lost To The Sea"

The Ashen

 Artist: The Ashen
 Album: Slowdive
 Country: Slovakia

Track 14: "Already Gone"

Fly Yeti Fly

 Artist: Fly Yeti Fly
 Album: Shine a Light in the Dark
 Country: England (Wiltshire)

Track 15: "The Only One I've Got"

David Graff

 Artist: David Graff
 Album: Supposed To Fly
 Country: Canada (BC)

Track 16: "Suffer In Silence"

Ben Reel

 Artist: Ben Reel
 Album: Land of Escape
 Country: Ireland

Track 17: "Nowhere"

Frank Birtwistle

 Artist: Frank Birtwistle
 Album: Volume Three
 Country: England (Sheffield)

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