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Weekly Mix #11


Jay Mantri
Photography ©

Track 1: "And Am I Born To Die"

The Rowan Tree

 Artist: The Rowan Tree
 Album: Kolar's Gold (single)
 Country: UK

Track 2: "Wind Her Up"


 Artist: Doolin'
 Album: Doolin'
 Country: France

Track 3: "The Young People"


 Artist: Lankum
 Album: The Livelong Day
 Country: Ireland

Track 4: "She Can't Hear Her Heart"

The Gossamer Strings

 Artist: The Gossamer Strings
 Album: Due To The Darkness
 Country: USA

Track 5: "Walls & Hallways

Josienne Clarke

 Artist: Josienne Clarke
 Album: In All Weather
 Country: Scotland, UK

Track 6: "Pretty Girls"

Benjamin Dakota Rogers

 Artist: Benjamin Dakota Rogers
 Album: Better By Now
 Country: Canada, Ontario

Track 7: "Hope Is Everywhere"

John Batdorf

 Artist: John Batdorf
 Album: Hope Is Everywhere (single)
 Country: USA

Track 8: "Lost My Heaven"

The Elders

 Artist: The Elders
 Album: Story Road
 Country: USA

Track 9: "Might Be A Call"

Alan Barnosky

 Artist: Alan Barnosky
 Album: Might Be A Call (single)
 Country: USA


Track 10: "Lovin' You"

Jim and Lynna Woolsey

 Artist: Jim and Lynna Woolsey
 Album: Long Ago
 Country: USA

Track 11: "Maidenhair"

Bard Edrington

 Artist: Bard Edrington
 Album: Espadín
 Country: USA

Track 12: "Grass Stains"

Carson Peters & Iron Mountain

 Artist: Carson Peters & Iron Mountain
 Album: Grass Stains
 Country: USA

Track 13: "My West Virginia"

Blue Steel

 Artist: Blue Steel
 Album: My West Virginia (single)
 Country: USA

Track 14: "I've Got That Old Feeling"

Route 3

 Artist: Route 3
 Album: Route 3
 Country: USA

Track 15: "Someday"


 Artist: Jigjam
 Album: Phoenix
 Country: Ireland

Track 16: "Following Through"

The Gossamer Strings

 Artist: The Gossamer Strings
 Album: Due To The Darkness
 Country: USA

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