Track 1: "The more I look, the less I see"

Amy Hopwood

 Artist: Amy Hopwood
 Album: All at sea
 Country: UK
 Website: www.amyhopwood.co.uk

Track 2: "The Healing"

Flora Hibberd

 Artist: Flora Hibberd
 Album: The Absentee
 Country: France
 Website: www.facebook.com/florahibberdmusic

Track 3: "Clothe Yourself For the Winter"

Sofia Talvik

 Artist: Sofia Talvik
 Album: Clothe Yourself For the Winter (Single)
 Country: Sweden
 Website: www.sofiatalvik.com

Track 4: "Faceplant"

Ruston Kelly

 Artist: Ruston Kelly
 Album: Dying Star
 Country: USA
 Website: www.rustonkelly.com

Track 5: "Dirt Gets Dirty

Ariana Gillis

 Artist: Ariana Gillis
 Album: The Maze
 Country: Canada
 Website: www.arianagillis.com

Track 6: "When You're Ready"

Molly Tuttle

 Artist: Molly Tuttle
 Album: When You're Ready
 Country: USA
 Website: www.mollytuttlemusic.com

Track 7: "Voice In Your Ear"

Patrick McAvinue

 Artist: Patrick McAvinue
 Album: Perfect Fit
 Country: USA
 Website: www.patrickmcavinue.com

Track 8: "Oh Darlin'"

Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair

 Artist: Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair
 Album: Oh Darlin' (Single)
 Country: USA
 Website: www.daleannbradley.com


Track 9: "Don't Stop Lovin' Me"

Fireside Collective

 Artist: Fireside Collective
 Album: Don't Stop Lovin' Me (Single)
 Country: USA
 Website: www.firesidecollectiveband.com


Track 10: "Lonely Side of Goodbye"

Drive Time

 Artist: Drive Time
 Album: Lonely Side of Goodbye
 Country: USA
 Website: www.drivetimebg.com

Track 11: "Cheat Mountain Salamander"

Fiddlin' Ray Bruckman

 Artist: Fiddlin' Ray Bruckman
 Album: Foundations
 Country: USA
 Website: www.fiddlinray.com

Track 12: "The Crooked Man"

Nick Hornbuckle

 Artist: Nick Hornbuckle
 Album: 13 Or So
 Country: Canada
 Website: www.nickhornbuckle.com

Track 13: "Five Days A Week"

Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers

 Artist: Si Kahn & The Looping Brothers
 Album: Aragon Mill: The Bluegrass Sessions
 Country: USA
 Website: www.sikahn.com

Track 14: "You Can't Stop A Fool From Holding On"

Volume Five

 Artist: Volume Five
 Album: For Those Who Care To Listen
 Country: USA
 Website: www.volumefivebg.com

Track 15: "Emma"


 Artist: ClayBank
 Album: Emma
 Country: USA
 Website: www.claybankbluegrass.com

Track 16: "December Light"

Randy Barrett

 Artist: Randy Barrett
 Album: Shake, Rattle & Roar
 Country: USA
 Website: N/A

Track 17: "West Virginia Mines"

Crandall Creek

 Artist: Crandall Creek
 Album: Goin' Down Home
 Country: USA
 Website: www.crandallcreekband.com


Track 16: "Take This Pain"

Stevie Tombstone

 Artist: Stevie Tombstone
 Album: On The Line
 Country: USA
 Website: www.stevietombstone.net