Sierra Hull - 25 Trips

Sierra Hull is perhaps one of the finest bluegrass multi-instrumentalists out there. Widely recognised for her
astonishing mandolin playing and profound song-writing, Hull continues to push the limits of bluegrass music and her fourth album “25 Trips” is a true genrebending journey from start to finish.

25 Trips is a unique listening experience, it’s an album that transcends genre yet remains solidly rooted in Hull’s bluegrass origins. There’s a complexity behind this album, every single track has its own signature and stands out from the others. Each song lets you traverse through a different universe, with haunting reverb-drenched vocals and jazzy compositions throughout the album, constantly challenging the boundaries of genre.

25 Trips is as much of a statement as it is an amazing album, it’s a rejection of musical restraints and a celebration of diversity. It is very clear that Hull has no fear of exploration, and as the album progresses it’s hard not to return to the title of the opening track “Beautifully Out Of Place”, because that’s what 25 Trips is. It’s a perfect blend of spices, leaving you with a taste for more.

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Album cover of 25 Trips