My Sister, My Brother - Self-titled EP

My Sister, My Brother is the result of Garrison Starr, Sean McConnell and Peter Groenwald putting their heads together. Individually they’re all accomplished singer-songwriters with firm roots in Americana music. Today we’ll be taking a look at their self-titled 5-track EP.

'My Sister, My Brother' is a compelling and emotive listening experience with incredibly powerful vocal work combined with soothing folk-pop infused instrumental arrangements. There is a minimalistic feel to this EP that encourages you to focus on the message being conveyed, and you’d expect nothing less considering how talented Garrison, Sean and Peter are when it comes to singing and songwriting.

The opening track ‘Nothing Without You’ is a perfect example of the lyrical and vocal prowess that My Sister, My Brother has to offer, setting the standard for the rest of the EP. It’s music to find comfort in when days are rough, it’s a soundtrack for a rainy night and while some folk-pop music may have a tendency to be inauthentic and monotonous this is by no means the case here.

The self-titled EP by My Sister, My Brother is a warm musical embrace that should be experienced by everyone. It’s a very promising release and I can safely say that I cannot wait for a full-length album.

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Album cover of My Sister, My Brother