Jake Blount - Spider Tales

Spider Tales is the debut album of award winning banjoist, fiddler and singer Jake Blount. It’s an album that embodies
North American banjo and fiddle traditions, emphasising the black and indigenous roots of old-time music.

The album opens with a beautiful rendition of Lucius Smith’s meditative and entrancing “Goodbye Honey You Call That Gone” followed by Dink Roberts’ “Roustabout”. Although Blount’s playing is less syncopated and archaic than that of
Smith and Roberts, it’s still a majestic tribute to the African roots of the banjo, resurrecting the techniques of some
of the finest black banjoists. It’s not just African-American banjo traditions that Blount explores, though, the
album also features the beautiful fiddle tune “Blackbird says to the crow” by African-American fiddler
Cuje Bertram and a powerful version of the traditional slave shout song “Move, Daniel”.

Spider Tales truly is folk music in its purest form, full of character and soul. It’s a reminder that even oppression and strife cannot subdue the power of music. Blount truly cherishes the rich black history of traditional roots music while
exploring the regional styles of Ithaca and Round Peak, and it’s a captivating experience from start to finish. The album is a voyage through history, capturing the essence of North American folk music. I highly recommend Spider Tales to anyone with a love of traditional music.

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Album cover of Spider Tales